Kathleen Armour Walker

In a unique twist of fate, Kathleen Armour Walker was introduced to Tennessee Pewter long before she ever thought about adding owner and lead designer to her list of accomplishments. Her now husband, Dan, started her pewter collection during their dating years and, in doing so, sparked a passion that still burns brightly today.

During her time at Tennessee Pewter, Kathleen has sought to build upon the solid craftsmanship and reputation for quality started decades ago. She is a top authority on fine, hand-made pewter. She is a master pewtersmith, and her eye for beauty and detail has earned her rave reviews as she has helped to set some of the finest tables in the South and beyond.

A Southerner by birth, Kathleen holds firm to the importance of heritage, tradition and elegance. She is known for her sophisticated taste, staunch traditionalism and formality. As a passionate entertainer, Kathleen seeks to create beautiful, inspired and creative events for her family and friends. Be it a holiday, special celebration or just a regular Saturday night, Kathleen is always ready to open her home and welcome guests with a warm smile, a special meal and a beautiful place at her table. This passion for entertaining gives Kathleen a unique perspective. She knows the proper entertaining etiquette for any event and exactly what women want and need on their tables and in their homes. As a pewtersmith, she seeks to create new items while breathing new life into more traditional pieces. Above all, Kathleen is dedicated to her customers and to ensuring each item that leaves Tennessee Pewter is one they can be proud to have, to wear and to pass down from generation to generation.

Kathleen Armour Walker lives in Brownsville, Tennessee, with her husband, Dan. They are the proud parents of two Golden Pyrenees (Forrest & Natchez), a schnoodle (Henry Franklin), & a Great Pyrenees (Harry Winston). In addition to being an expert in the art of pewter, Kathleen is an accomplished cook. Her passion for cooking was instilled in Kathleen by her grandmothers, and she loves creating new dishes and sharing them with family and friends—on pewter, of course.

  • Kathleen Armour Walker
  • Kathleen Armour Walker