A Stainless Kitchen

I love cooking. Whether it be a well thought out menu or an impromptu snack, I always enjoy preparing a fabulous Southern bounty. Last week my pantry was getting low on the necessary supplies. I had told Dan it was [...]

Our 40th Birthday Year

>Wow! We are already halfway through our 40th Birthday year. Not my Birthday, but Tennessee Pewter's birthday! What a ride it has been. Each day brings new excitement and custom jobs. We just love making folks glad they found us. [...]

A Very Special Day

Today I am celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary! My favorite anniversary gift I have made is a chamber that I engraved on the bottom, "you are the light of my life," with the customers wedding date. I am honored [...]

Summer in the South

Summer in the South is an unforgettable experience that revisits us each year in new chapters. As our surroundings change and our age, so do our experiences. As I dined with a girlfriend this week at a popular Memphis eatery [...]

The Wedding Day

The big day has arrived! Today is the wedding day of Wellons Woods, one of our brides here at Tennessee Pewter. This is a special bride that I am quite good friends with here in West Tennessee. Today she will [...]

Welcome to Tennessee Pewter

Welcome to Tennessee Pewter's website! Maybe this is your first visit with us or maybe you have been a longtime collector of our pieces. I want to personally thank you for supporting a family owned American company! I am Kathleen [...]