Welcome to Tennessee Pewter’s website! Maybe this is your first visit with us or maybe you have been a longtime collector of our pieces. I want to personally thank you for supporting a family owned American company! I am Kathleen Armour Walker and this is my Tennessee Pewter. We hand-make all of our pieces in our Tennessee shop. Our tableware, jewelry, and other home accessories are made with great love and attention to detail. Our pieces are perfect for gifts that will be cherished items in the recipients life. Our pewter is 100% lead-free and safe for table use. I engrave in my shop so that special piece will be perfectly made for you.

I invite you to return often to our site and learn about setting the perfect table, hosting beautiful parties, and giving gifts that last a lifetime.

I will also share my life with you. Creating works of art is more than just making the final product. Sometimes our pieces start with an idea from a customer that comes full circle from a thought to a stunningly amazing piece of work. The creative clock knows no off/on, it’s always ticking. I look forward to sharing my recipes, entertaining tips, and how much I enjoy making pewter for you. We are embarking on my favorite season of the year, summer! As I write to you, I am sitting on one of my favorite pieces of furniture at my home and that’s my glider. Yes, a very old glider with big soft cushions and wonderful pillows for taking afternoon naps on our hot days here in the South. I am a passionate reader and some days I can get so caught up in a book and just be carried away to another place. Drinking out of my pewter cups on these hot days is simply wonderful. Pewter keeps beverages very cold. Ice tea with a hint of mint from my yard and a slice of lemon is just divine. My Jefferson cups are perfect for evenings on the porch with my favorite muscadine wine. I am an avid gardener which provides the needed accessories when entertaining. My life is full of family and friends, combine the two, and things just couldn’t get better! I live in small town America which provides so much inspiration for my work. It’s the special occasions in life that call for unforgettable memories to be made. We have the most wonderful times just visiting by each others pools or sitting on our front porches sharing our days happenings.

Again welcome to our happy world of handmade home accessories, tableware, and jewelry. We make what makes your world beautiful.