Tennessee Pewter - Cooking in the kitchenI love cooking. Whether it be a well thought out menu or an impromptu snack, I always enjoy preparing a fabulous Southern bounty. Last week my pantry was getting low on the necessary supplies. I had told Dan it was getting about time to make a trip to the store. Well, about an hour later I started whipping up my signature spinach artichoke dip that is listed under the recipes section on this website. Dan asked, “how did I have all the necessary ingredients?” Simple, any good Southern cook always has the fixings to take to sick friends, funerals, and bring-a-dishes at church events. You just never get to low on the basics.

Dan indicated that he has never eaten a meal that I have fixed that he didn’t enjoy. See my husband is a foodie too, just the eating kind! We live in a beautiful old home that I love, although my kitchen is one room I haven’t totally updated yet. Yes, it’s been updated since this picture, although it’s not magazine worthy yet as my dining room is always featured. Dan mentioned that his Mother and I are his favorite cooks; neither of us have overly fancy kitchens. I have really given this topic some thought over the past few days. My conclusion is that stainless appliance and fancy counter tops do not make for great occurrences in the kitchen, but old fashioned care and love put into each dish. So, I’ll continue to work on other rooms in my home and continue to prepare my husband’s favorite dishes.